Industry Testimonials

"I have worked with PMG for several years and, as a CRA, they make my job easier. They are experienced, responsive, attentive, and willing to do what it takes to perform quality research. I really like the private, well equipped monitor work rooms and the professional atmosphere. From study start-up to patient volunteer recruitment to eCRF completion, PMG does it all well."
CRA — GlaxoSmithKline

"My experiences with the PMG network have been positive. My job is made so much easier because their administrative and research volunteer files are so well organized. Each person is committed to his/her trials' subjects and they follow up on any unusual findings. Their familiarity with every one of their subjects impresses me each time I speak with them. Just this year, a site I was working with made a significant impact on my study by randomizing seven subjects in three months, which was a great contribution for the sponsor. It has been my pleasure to work with PMG; they are consistently friendly, helpful, caring, flexible, and professional."
Clinical Research Associate — Medpace

"I have monitored trials in a variety of therapeutic areas at PMG since 1980. I'm impressed that they have been able to grow so tremendously while continuing high levels of quality and service. PMG always strives to meet protocol requirements, sponsor requests and data deadlines."
Clinical Research Consultant — MMH Consulting, LLC

 "CRMi, a full service CRO, has had the pleasure of working with PMG for over 15 years. The services provided by PMG over that period of time have always been of the highest quality. They have never promised more than they could do or overestimated their performance in any study we have placed with them. The quality of work from all of their sites has continued to be superb."
President— Clinical Research Management, Inc

"Working with PMG has been such a positive experience. The staff members are knowledgeable and professional. They strive to meet enrollment goals and timelines, while providing quality data. The high expectations they place on themselves to be first-class clinical research sites have proven them as some of the top sites that I work with. I will definitely keep recommending PMG for studies and look forward to working with them in the future."
Clinical Research Site Manager – Pfizer Clinical Studies

*Names not disclosed for security and confidentiality reasons.