Clinical Research as a Care Option

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At PMG Research, we believe that clinical research participation offers an innovative and valuable high-touch care option for both patients and physicians. Additionally, the clinical research journey provides patients with an opportunity to access care or treatment for unmet medical needs, further educates themselves about their disease or conditions, and improve the partnership experience with their health care provider. Clinical research also serves, in many cases, to decrease the overall cost of care directly to both the patient and the overarching health system.

As part of the PMG Research mission to bring clinical research to as many lives as possible, we partner with value-based healthcare institutions and multi-specialty practices that also see the value of clinical research and the benefits of offering it as a care option to the patients for whom they serve. Through comprehensive, standardized practices, PMG provides the expertise and infrastructure to physician researchers who desire to participate in clinical research but need the support of experienced research staff. This turnkey approach encompasses all elements of trial execution from accelerated start-up, to precision patient recruitment, to quality data delivery. PMG Research delivers a predictable, reliable, and trusted clinical research partnership.

The Patient Perspective: Value of Clinical Research

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