Need Assistance With Medications Or Medical Supplies?

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Needy Meds

NeedyMeds' mission is to be the best source of accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date information on programs that help people facing problems paying for medications and health care; to assist those in need in applying to programs; and to provide health-related education using innovative methods.   

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Rx Assist

RxAssist is a nationally recognized, web-based medication assistance resource center. Established in 1999 with funding from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, RxAssist gives providers, advocates, consumers and caregivers comprehensive, up-to-date information in an easy to use format. RxAssist is part of the Center for Primary Care and Prevention at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island.

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A patient assistance program to help you receive each of your medications for as little as $25 per month. Receive ongoing prescription assistance and never pay high pharmacy prices again.

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The benefit of having my overall health monitored weekly is beyond monetary value or compensation. I look forward to my visits and can honestly say this is fun and exciting. Participating makes me and my family and friends proud.
M.H. - Wilmington

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