Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We consider it a privilege to work with you to address your questions and concerns. Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. We would like to help educate you about how clinical trials are conducted and what you can expect from your experience. We want you to have the necessary knowledge to make the best decision for you. After all, it's your choice.

What is a clinical trial?

Why should I participate?

How is participant safety addressed?

Can I participate in more than one?

What if I don't qualify?

What questions should I ask before I decide to participate in a clinical trial?

The benefit of having my overall health monitored weekly is beyond monetary value or compensation. I look forward to my visits and can honestly say this is fun and exciting. Participating makes me and my family and friends proud.
M.H. - Wilmington

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding trial participation, take a moment to read through our Frequently Asked Questions. You may also contact your nearest study center.

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