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Participation Process

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are research studies designed to answer specific questions about investigational medications that may benefit future patients and current research participants. The trials are designed to assess both the safety and effectiveness of a product and are carefully conducted under rigorous U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.

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Make a difference - Become a clinical trial volunteer

If you have ever taken prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, your life has been touched by clinical research and its amazing clinical trial participants. Through the important clinical research process, medicines, medical devices, and vaccines are developed for those who need them most.

Clinical trial participation – What to expect

As a clinical trial participant, you can expect to:

  • Positively impact the health of millions, including friends and family.
  • Improve and educate yourself about your own health.
  • Gain access to quality medical care and medications not available through other means at reduced, or no, cost.
  • Receive financial compensation for time and travel.

When you participate in a clinical trial, you will be welcomed by our professional and caring staff who will guide you through the process and help you feel comfortable and appreciated as a research trial participant. You will visit the investigator (doctor) or other members of the study team for health assessments, physical exams, laboratory tests, or other procedures required by the study protocol. It is important to us that you feel confident about being a clinical trial participant. Please feel free to contact us to speak to a member of our team about clinical trial participation.

For a better understanding of the common steps of clinical trial participation, please take a moment to review the graph below. Although each trial is different, there are many similar processes and steps to ensure your comfort and safety, and to ensure we are collecting the best information for the trial Sponsor.

The benefit of having my overall health monitored weekly is beyond monetary value or compensation. I look forward to my visits and can honestly say this is fun and exciting. Participating makes me and my family and friends proud.
M.H. - Wilmington

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding trial participation, take a moment to read through our Frequently Asked Questions. You may also contact your nearest study center.

Contact Us Online

Initial conversation by phone or in the clinic with a member of the study team to tell you about the study opportunity.


Informed Consent
Forms that explain your rights and obligations as a participant of the study.


Do you meet the basic study requirements?

Vitals, Labs, Medical History, Exams or other procedures may be conducted.


Enrollment / Randomization
You are assigned to a treatment course, which could be placebo.

You and your doctor may not know what you receive.


Study Visits
These may be days, weeks, or months apart.

The study protocol outlines what happens at each visit, such as labs, physical exam, questionnaires, or other tests/procedures.


End of Study Treatment
At this point, you may no longer receive the study treatment or placebo.


Follow-up Period
The study team may call you, or you may have occasional appointments to assess how you are doing after ending study treatment.


Your participation in the study has ended.

PMG donates a vaccine to a child in need in your honor through the Greater Gift Initiative.