PMG Videos: The Value of  Clinical Research

PMG Research - Who We Are

Learn about the value of clinical research from PMG Research participants, physicians and research staff.

PMG Research Saved My Life

Hear the story of Mr. and Mrs. Fowler, and how participating in a clinical study for high cholesterol was a life-saving experience for Mrs. Fowler.

PMG Research and the Greater Gift Initiative

The Greater Gift Initiative donates one vaccine to one child for every one clinical research volunteer to celebrate and thank our participants. Watch the video to experience the impact of GGI.

PMG Research Changed My Life

Hear the story of Greg Collins, a research participant whose life was changed by participating in clinical research with PMG.

PMG Research – Our Research Physicians

Dr. Doug Lee and Dr. Dave Varma discuss what it means to be a Principal Investigator with PMG Research, and the impact the PMG team has on their ability to conduct research.

The Benefits of Research Participation

Watch different perspectives on the benefits patients receive by participating in clinical research studies with PMG.